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Utility Pole

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Light Poles & Utility Poles

Blessed by the well skilled engineers, our company is known as one of the promising manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of FRP / GRP Light Poles & Utility Poles. these poles are available in different specifications like sizes and heights. Our offered Light Poles & Utility Poles are fire resistant and demanded in the market for their corrosion resistance, long life, theft proof properties.

Further Details:

Aeron FRP/GRP poles offer a solution to traditional problems & are suited to be used in places where poles of other material face serious corrosion problems (e.g. Coastal Area, Chemical zones, marshlands & areas with high temperature fluctuations.) Aeron FRP/GRP Poles are non-polluting& have a long life, can be reused in different locations.No surface treatment required as mandatory with traditional poles.Composite poles installation works out to be economical due to their light weight, they can be hand carried to inaccessible places, no surface treatments, grounding and servicing or painting is required.

Features and benefits of FRP Poles
Corrosion & Chemical Resistant., Fire Retardant, Light Weight, Easy Handling and lower transportation cost., High Mechanical Strength, Durable & Long Lasting, Better Aesthetics, Frangible - Controlled impact failure - saves human life incase of road accidents. Low thermal Conductivity, Electrically Insulator, Low Installation Cost, Maintenance Free, Economical.

Street Light Poles | Traffic Light | Sign Boards | Installation of lights in chemical plants. | Lighting in Parks, colony, Parking etc. | Directional sign on roads | Advertisement boards etc. | Flag Poles | Telephone Lines & many more

Types of Poles
Cylindrical | Conical | Square

Comparison "FRP/GRP Poles v/s Metal Swaged Poles


Features GRP/FRP Poles Metal Poles
Corrosion Non Corrosive Highly Corrosive
Aesthetics Great Adequete
Earthing Not required Required
Life Very Long Moderate
Maintenance Maintenance Free Very High Maintenance
Weight Very Light Weight Very Heavy
Colours Color Pigmentation (UV Resistant) Hand Coating from outside
Painting Non Required Frequent Painting Required
Relocation Easy Difficult
Mounting Foundation required / Optional Concrete Foundation is Compulsary
Transportation Cost Very Less Very High
Installation Cost Very Less Very High
Construction Single Multiple
Electrical Conductivity Electrical Insulator & Non Conductive - Shock Proof Conductive

Technical Specification

Details Units Test Methods
Glass Content 45 - 55 % ASTM D 2584
Water Absorption < 0.5% ASTM D 570
Tensile Strenght 200 +/- 50 MPa ASTM D 638
Flexural Strenght 250 +/-50 MPa ASTM D 790
Compressive Strenght 200 +/- 50 MPa ASTM D 695
Yield Strenght 250 +/-50 MPa ASTM D 638
Elasticity of Modular 1500 Mpa/2500MPa ASTM D 638